Marshawn Lynch's Fish Tank

How Much did Marshawn Lynch’s Fish Tank Cost?

Marshawn Lynch is a running back for the Seahawks. He likes fish tanks, and wants one in his home to look at when he relaxes on the couch after a game.

The “Tanked” experts have built him a combination snake and fish tank. The snakes and fish occupy the same tank space and can both access the water, but an acrylic divider keeps the snakes from coming in contact with the fish.

Now, if you were to ask us how much did something like this cost? We couldn’t tell you without looking it up on our calculator. But we did find out that Marshawn’s custom fish tank cost around $50,000 to 60,000!

Marshawn Lynch didn’t want any old fish tank. Turns out, he wanted one of the biggest, baddest aquariums in all of Hollywood.

He wanted something special and unique, and the “Tanked” experts were more than happy to oblige. They built him a combination snake/fish tank that looks like something out of a science fiction movie.

The tank is made from acrylic and has a custom-built ventilated lid that allows Marshawn’s snake to stay hidden away from the fish. In addition, the tank has an internal filtration system that keeps everything running smoothly and cleanly. The “Tanked” experts also added some cool lighting effects to make it look even more impressive.

Marshawn Lynch just went Beast Mode on his own home aquarium … getting a custom ultra high-end fish tank installed in his pad.

According to TMZ Sports, Lynch’s new tank is made by Aqualife International and features an enormous amount of water that flows across its surface. The tank is said to be a whopping 25 feet long and 12 feet wide — which means it’s nearly three times larger than the one that Beyonce recently debuted at her house in Los Angeles. 

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