We are professional veterinarians running this blog. We frequently write blogs on animals, pets, marine animals, and related topics.

We love animals and have a strong passion for them. We have been working in the field of animal health for several years now and have developed a huge knowledge base in this area. We believe that our experience can be of great help to people who want to take care of their pets or livestock.

We also believe in sharing knowledge with everyone who wants it. This is why we are making our blogs available for free at https://lifexen.com/blog/.

We also write articles about animal care and safety.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to share knowledge with you and help you understand some of the complex issues surrounding animals, pets, marine animals.

We do not intend to replace your veterinarian or other medical professionals but rather to supplement their care with information that will help you make better decisions regarding your own health (and the health of your pets).

In addition to writing articles ourselves, we also source other content from around the web as well as from our readers. We encourage everyone who has a story to tell or an interesting topic to write about to send it in!